Who’s watching you?

Today we are constantly being tracked and analyzed. Every time you click on your browsers, Google is learning more and more about you. The first time I did a search on Google and then a couple a seconds later found an ad for what I was searching for on my Facebook feed it really freakedContinue reading “Who’s watching you?”


Nowhere to go, nothing to do!

It’s July, the best month ever! Not only is it my birth month, it’s also full-fledged summer! As the sun gets hotter, the bathing suits come out and the summer drinks start flowing I want to suggest a summer reframe. This summer I suggest that we reframe the definition of wealth from how much weContinue reading “Nowhere to go, nothing to do!”

Out With the Old in With the New, Replacing Limiting Financial Beliefs

Beliefs are powerful and so pervasive that we don’t even realize that we have them.  Even worse is that we don’t believe we can be free of them. Elephants that perform at the circus are a good example of how beliefs determine what actions we take in life.   These huge elephants are tied with aContinue reading “Out With the Old in With the New, Replacing Limiting Financial Beliefs”

Money is the facilitator to experience the world-Financial Success

There is no one definition of financial success. The definition varies from country to country as we see from the picture above (MasterCard survey 2014). It also varies from individual to individual. For some, financial success is simply having a positive net worth, where their assets are more than their liabilities.  For others, financial successContinue reading “Money is the facilitator to experience the world-Financial Success”