Schrödinger’s Cat and YOU

If you’re a  fan of The Big Bang Theory, you would have undoubtedly heard about Schrödinger’s Cat from Sheldon Copper.  Schrödinger’s Cat experiment was done in 1935 to show that the theory of quantum mechanics which postulates that the only way to know where a particle is to observe it, can lead to illogical conclusions. ToContinue reading “Schrödinger’s Cat and YOU”

A More Useful Perspective of Taxation

LEFT: Sumerian tablet which records payment of the tax called “burden,” circa 2500 B.C.   RIGHT: Pharaohs, like the one shown here on the door jamb of the Palace of Merenptah (1236-1223 B.C.), were powerful rulers who could, and did, collect taxes as they saw fit. Taxation goes back to ancient times. Even in theContinue reading “A More Useful Perspective of Taxation”