Who’s watching you?

Today we are constantly being tracked and analyzed. Every time you click on your browsers, Google is learning more and more about you. The first time I did a search on Google and then a couple a seconds later found an ad for what I was searching for on my Facebook feed it really freakedContinue reading “Who’s watching you?”


The difficult D word!

We live in a fast pace world and we are constantly looking for quick, easy and convenient.  Enter all our apps and fast food, which meet all these requirements. The road to success, however, is usually never quick, easy or convenient.  If it were, we would have more healthy, fit and financially free people. ThereContinue reading “The difficult D word!”

Consistency is the name of the game!

Last week I challenged you to make your choices keeping your goal in mind. How’s that going? When we act consciously it makes it easier to change a behavior or a habit. We can do it for one day, but the trick is to do it day after day. Consistency is essential for success inContinue reading “Consistency is the name of the game!”

The resilience of a lie

There are everyday lies we as a society live with. We are lied to by our friends, family and society at least once a day! A lie is defined as a statement that is false, misleading or inaccurate. Each of us wears many hats. We are parents, friends, business owners, accountants, chefs’ etc. In eachContinue reading “The resilience of a lie”

Bringing the Giant to It’s Knees, You Have the Power

Little drops of water can erode an entire mountain without the mountain ever noticing.  Like dripping water, we too have the power to bring large corporations to their knees. We are not as helpless as we think.  In fact, businesses thrive because of us.  Just as we made them, we can break them. There areContinue reading “Bringing the Giant to It’s Knees, You Have the Power”