Do you have what it takes to be taken on?

Many people today are worried about being ripped off by their financial advisor, and rightly so. It is common to read articles about charlatan advisors who gave unscrupulous advice or absconded with their client’s money. This is an indisputable fact. This is a growing industry and because the entry requirement is low, pretty much anyoneContinue reading “Do you have what it takes to be taken on?”

Schrödinger’s Cat and YOU

If you’re a  fan of The Big Bang Theory, you would have undoubtedly heard about Schrödinger’s Cat from Sheldon Copper.  Schrödinger’s Cat experiment was done in 1935 to show that the theory of quantum mechanics which postulates that the only way to know where a particle is to observe it, can lead to illogical conclusions. ToContinue reading “Schrödinger’s Cat and YOU”

Compelling Biological Reasons Why You Should Have a Financial Plan

If I told you that the majority of the population lives in fear would you believe me? Fear is an unpleasant emotion that arises because of a threat from something or someone which leads to pain.   The fear I am referring to comes in the form of the scarcity mindset, the fear that we willContinue reading “Compelling Biological Reasons Why You Should Have a Financial Plan”