Some of the Players have Change but it’s the same Game, Survival of the Fittest

When people are shown the picture above and asked what they see, the response is “a black dot”. Hardly ever do people say that they see a lot of empty white space.  We seem to have a default to focus on things that stand out rather than things that all blend.  This somewhat negative focusContinue reading “Some of the Players have Change but it’s the same Game, Survival of the Fittest”


Manifesting Financial Freedom in Three Simple Steps

There are three simple (not necessarily easy) steps to financial freedom. These are the fundamental steps for any goals one may have in life.  The first step is to conceive. Form the idea/thought of what you want. The next step is to take action. As Tony Robbins says, take massive action. Taking action is whatContinue reading “Manifesting Financial Freedom in Three Simple Steps”

Compelling Biological Reasons Why You Should Have a Financial Plan

If I told you that the majority of the population lives in fear would you believe me? Fear is an unpleasant emotion that arises because of a threat from something or someone which leads to pain.   The fear I am referring to comes in the form of the scarcity mindset, the fear that we willContinue reading “Compelling Biological Reasons Why You Should Have a Financial Plan”

Out With the Old in With the New, Replacing Limiting Financial Beliefs

Beliefs are powerful and so pervasive that we don’t even realize that we have them.  Even worse is that we don’t believe we can be free of them. Elephants that perform at the circus are a good example of how beliefs determine what actions we take in life.   These huge elephants are tied with aContinue reading “Out With the Old in With the New, Replacing Limiting Financial Beliefs”

Money is the facilitator to experience the world-Financial Success

There is no one definition of financial success. The definition varies from country to country as we see from the picture above (MasterCard survey 2014). It also varies from individual to individual. For some, financial success is simply having a positive net worth, where their assets are more than their liabilities.  For others, financial successContinue reading “Money is the facilitator to experience the world-Financial Success”

A More Useful Perspective of Taxation

LEFT: Sumerian tablet which records payment of the tax called “burden,” circa 2500 B.C.   RIGHT: Pharaohs, like the one shown here on the door jamb of the Palace of Merenptah (1236-1223 B.C.), were powerful rulers who could, and did, collect taxes as they saw fit. Taxation goes back to ancient times. Even in theContinue reading “A More Useful Perspective of Taxation”

Death or Debt?

Death is the debt we must all pay, but debt doesn’t have to be the death of us! In my last post I showed the dark side of compounding. Anyone with credit card debt is on the dark side.  Today I want to discuss a little more about debt, specifically, good and bad debt. NotContinue reading “Death or Debt?”