Who’s watching you?


Today we are constantly being tracked and analyzed. Every time you click on your browsers, Google is learning more and more about you. The first time I did a search on Google and then a couple a seconds later found an ad for what I was searching for on my Facebook feed it really freaked me out.  Someone out there is collecting our information to learn about our likes and dislikes so that they can craft the best advertising campaign and marketing medium to reach us. This is not something we have control over.

What we do have control over is how well we monitor ourselves. If we are good at self monitoring, then the data that they collect on us can’t be used against us. It is when we are not able to self monitor is when we become prey to all the marketeerings and corporations out there. To be immune to any and all marketing onslaughts there are a few things we have to be able to master. Here are some:

  • Know who you are and what you want

This means having clear goals that are specific to your lifestyle given your resources. It is critical that you realize and understand that your self-worth is not the same as your net worth. You need to know that material possessions don’t define you as a human. This is crucial to defend against any type of marketing assault.

  • Let common sense prevail. It is not always easy to tell the difference between a manipulator and a persuader. One thing is clear, both require that you be motivated. Marketers use various physiological tricks to make us think it was our idea and that we are the one making the decision. When in reality we are not. A common tactic is to “disturbed and motivate” it is a combination of scaring then manipulating/persuading. Fear is often used to motivate people to act and some ads can be very persuasive.  In such cases it is best to let common sense and logic guide you. If something doesn’t make sense to you or you can’t see clearly how it can benefit you, then perhaps it is not for you. No sliver tongue should be able to persuade you otherwise.


  • Finally, be aware. Know what to look for and recognize when marketing is trying to manipulate you. Beware of “expert” opinion, celebrities are not experts and consuming the products they endorse doesn’t mean it right for you. A common tactic for marketers to use is the association of their product with attractive people. They subtly try to associate the idea that if you use their product you too will be considered attractive.  Marketers often connect their product with a particular lifestyle to reach their specific target audience.  You can easily figure out if you’re the one they are targeting when the people in the ad seem eerily familiar to you!

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The difficult D word!


We live in a fast pace world and we are constantly looking for quick, easy and convenient.  Enter all our apps and fast food, which meet all these requirements. The road to success, however, is usually never quick, easy or convenient.  If it were, we would have more healthy, fit and financially free people.

There are two words that bring a lot of discomfort to people, these words are delayed gratification. This means giving up something now so that you can enjoy more of it or something better later.  No one is saying you can never have sweets, or buy yourself luxury items, but you must first be in a position where you can truly enjoy it.  Giving up sugar today will help you be healthier tomorrow and an occasional treat will not jeopardize your health. Similarly curbing your spending now, will increase your bank account and you will be able to treat yourself later on without worrying about getting into debt or having to make high interest payments.

Success requires the cultivation of this skill.  Evidence has shown that people who have this skill are more successful in all areas of life. So how can you develop this skill? Here are some suggestions to build your delayed gratification muscles:

  • Start small. The first thing is to start small. For instance, skip your afternoon coffee and wait until the next morning to have coffee. Don’t buy that packet of gum or that magazine today, wait a few days.
  • Keep a picture or a note or some other reminder of your goal. Whether it is health or wealth related, keep it top of mind. You will be more likely to hold out when you have your goal top of mind.
  • Avoid temptations. Don’t drive by the bakery, don’t browse Amazon, and don’t watch the shopping channel.
  • Visualize yourself achieving your goal and try to embody the feeling you would have when you achieve it. Our minds can’t tell reality from fantasy, so if you really embody that sensation of the goal achieved, we start to take the actions that support the achievement of the goal.

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Consistency is the name of the game!


Last week I challenged you to make your choices keeping your goal in mind. How’s that going? When we act consciously it makes it easier to change a behavior or a habit. We can do it for one day, but the trick is to do it day after day. Consistency is essential for success in any endeavor. We won’t get fit and strong if we do just one perfect workout a week. We have to do it consistently at least three times a week, month after month. We have to do it, especially when we don’t want to. It is in those moments that the change occurs. Pushing beyond the discomfort, pushing beyond the monotony, pushing beyond the grind is what is required for success.

Here four tips for that can help with practicing being consistent:

  1. Set very specific and short term goals.
    For instance, you can set a goal to lose one pound this week. Or, you can set the goal to stop for coffee only twice this week instead everyday of the week. These are examples of very realistic and achievable goals and they can be accomplished in the time frame set. Specific and short term goals are a great way to see success quickly and this keeps you motivated to keep going.

  2. Do what you say and say what you do!
    When you set a goal, you have to make the commitment. Be sure to that your actions support your words. If you want to lose weight you have to commit to working out and watching your diet. If you want to reduce debt you need to commit to spending less on non essentials items.

  3. Keep moving forward even when you mess up.
    In all likelihood at the beginning of the process, you will slip. Changing a habit or behavior takes time. If you mess up one day, don’t let it ruin the rest of the week. Forgive yourself and keep going. If you do it often enough a new pattern will emerge and you will reach the stage where it becomes effortless.

  4. Be mindful.
    Be mindful when making choices, be mindful when working out, be mindful when eating, and be mindful when shopping. There is enough evidence that support the alchemy that occurs when we are present and mindful. Mindfulness exponentially increases the chance of success in reaching our goals.

  5. The final tip is even if you don’t want to, do it anyway.
    This point is so important I have to repeat it. We may not always want to exercise, eat healthy or show restraint when shopping. But if it is what is necessary to reach our goal, we have to, even when we don’t want to. This may be painful, but it is the price of success and we have to be willing pay our dues.
    Leave a comment below and let me know what you think or how it’s working out for you is.

June 15th is designated Conscious Consumer day.
Wear Purple to remember to practice Financial Mindfulness
#ThePurpleCampaign #WearPurpleJune15th



The fastest way to get rich is to wear Purple and be Mindful

The Purple Campaign (1)

June 15th is designated conscious consumer day. On this day we ask you to wear purple as a reminder to be financially mindful. All too often people spend for the wrong reasons. These are so many cultural standards that we try to meet and in the process create debt for ourselves.  Never stopping for a moment to question, why?  Do I really need to prove to my neighbors, colleagues, friends and or family that I am worthy because I only purchase designer brands.  Will spending that extra $80,000 to get the luxury car really make you happy when it puts you further into debt? Is keeping up appearances more important than common sense and logic?

If you can afford to buy whatever you want and not left in crippling debt, by all means go right ahead. However, you really have to think long and hard when you try to portray a lifestyle that you can’t afford.  You may get the temporary pleasure of proving to the world that you are worthy, but in reality not only do you feel like a fraud in the process, but  you are actually hurting yourself mentally and financially.  Sand castles don’t last.

On the surface finance might seem like a simple case of numbers, in reality the numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. It is what lurks below that drives you more than you’re willing to examine or even admit.  Why do you feel you need to have things that will invariably cause a financial strain on you and your family?  Financially debt is not pleasant and it can be avoided, but it will require some exploration between what you think you need and what you really need. This will be the hardest part of the process because when you start down that rabbit hole you’ll soon realize that there are many more twists and turns that you really never could have anticipated.  This is one adventure that when it’s over, you’ll be richer for it!  Let June 15th be the day to start off in this bold adventure.


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Dr. M



Do you think being a conscious consumer matters?


I think it’s only fitting that today’s post is all about being a conscious consumer.  There are many injustices and inequalities in this world. When we hear Oxfam statistics that says that 62 people own the same wealth as half of the world it can be bewildering.  62 people on this planet have $ 1.76trillion dollars while 3.7billion people live on less than $2.5 dollars a day.  I don’t think we need any convincing that there is something fundamentally wrong with the system.  All is not well with the world, this is true. We have two choices, we can continue to complain and trudge on with our daily lives or we can choose to see it from a whole new perspective and work towards change.

We need a system that would benefit the majority rather than the select few. At the moment I don’t have the answer. All I know is that if we all were to wake up to the reality of our true power, then we can all have a better world to live in. This is not as philosophical as it may sound. In reality it is very practical. When we start being more conscious of how and why we spend we affect the overall demand for goods and services. Our demand is what keeps those 62 people in business. We have to make sure that the things we spend on are done with our true consent and not one that we are brainwashed to believe. This may not be easy at first. Changing one’s behavior requires deliberate action. We so easily default to autopilot. Sometimes this is not a bad thing, especially when it comes to self-protection. However, autopilot doesn’t serve us if it keeps giving us more of the things we don’t like. Breaking the pattern will entail effort, perseverance and patience.

It can sometimes feel frustrating like you are just a cog in the machine and don’t have the power to change anything. The way I see it, is that without the cogs, the machine would not be able to function. If we are indeed cogs we can affect how the machine works with what we choose to do.   While there is a lot to be done, we can all take the first step by becoming conscious of how we choose to spend our hard earned  money.  Tomorrow when you wear purple it will mark the beginning of the transformation processes.  You will have made a conscious decision to reclaim your power to make choices that truly serve you.

There are others who know where the true power resides . Here is a great example:


I leave you here with the poem Purple- The Journey Home:

Purple-The Journey Home

by Dr. M

Purple is the colour of love

Purple is the colour of truth

Purple is the colour you wear only if you dare

Purple is the symbol that will take you out of the wave

The wave of mundane existence

 To a place of autonomy and grace

A true place where the ordinary becomes the extraordinary

A place of true power and seeing

A place where there is no more weeping

For too long we have been under your spell

For too long we have consumed everything you sell

For too long we have allowed you to run our lives

Never stopping to think never questioning why

Today is the day we take back our power

Today we adorn ourselves in purple

We are going back to a true place where we can just be

A place where we don’t surrender to pressure

We don’t surrender to manipulation

We don’t surrender to competition

A place free of chains real or imagined

A place of pure seeing

Today we wear purple to get back there

We are on our way

We are on our way



Dr. M





To be or Not to be… in the Now


What if being in the moment or in the now is the worst thing we can do. Not to contradict Eckhart Tolle, but can being in the now do more harm than good? Let’s examine what most people think living in the now means. Generally speaking, many of us take living in the moment to mean forgetting the past, not worrying about the future and getting the most out of today. All of which are true. However, if we want to function the in the world we have to temper that with a touch of practicality. When Tolle and other teachers talk about being in the now, it is from a point of acceptance. What it means to be in the now is to accept where you are, what you are doing and be present with it, don’t resist that moment. It doesn’t mean throw caution to the wind and do whatever you want in that moment. Many bad decisions have been made by people who only live in the now, with no thought about tomorrow. Drinking too much, eating too much, spending too much, saying too much and doing other things too much. The impulse to act spontaneously without constraint is a marvelous feeling, but it can have severe consequences.

When we live in the moment, we still have to be practical because we live in a world that has constraints. Most of us have yet to evolve to that state where we can go beyond our physical constraints and truly manifest a life that we want. Our conditioning is so entrench that even when we are aware of it; it takes work to undo a lifetime of concepts and beliefs that no longer serve us. For the most part we can affect the outcomes, but within certain parameters. There is great freedom, when we can just live completely in the now. It is important that we understand what that statement really means.


Physicists tell us that everything is energy. Matter is energy at a very low vibration hence its density. Let’s now add to this the law of attraction. The law of attraction basically says like attracts like. Therefore, if we believe the physicists,  then we are all just vibrating energy and if the law of attraction is true, then it means we are constantly sending out vibrations and thus attracting that type of vibrations to us. This brings us to an important point. When we crave for things we don’t have, we energetically send the message of lack and  thus get more of the same because energy is neutral, it just links up like with like. If you take a moment you to think about this, I am sure you can find  numerous examples in your own life. For instance, you may find that you get into the  same circumstances over and over again, especially ones that you are desperately trying to get out off. The reason for this is that you are resonating at that frequency and so you keep getting more of the same. If we want to change anything, we first have to accept it. When we live in the moment, when we accept where we are and things start to change. Being in the now takes us to the neutral zone, and from there we can start to turn things around.


What this boils down to is that when you keep complaining and wanting things to change it doesn’t because energetically your vibration is one limitation or resistance and that is what you attract. It applies to all aspects of your life, to relationships, to health, to circumstances, to parking spots, everything. Acceptance changes the frequency to one that is closer to where you want to be. Things start to move in the right direction. Every day we see numerous motivational quotes on social media, many of them are more than motivational they are instructional. Fake it until you make it for instance, this may sound cool, even cliché but couched in this phrase is the key to success.  It is not just about faking it with words, but with the feeling because it is the feeling that has the energetic property to resonate and attract what you desire.

By now you might be wondering what this has to do with finance. In one word, everything! When you go shopping and the impulse is to buy something that is not on your list or on the budget, being in the now means accepting that fact. It doesn’t mean, forgetting everything else and satisfying your desire in the moment. It means letting it go without resentment and moving on. When this is done again and again, your savings start growing and you arrive at a place where you COULD afford the get something that is not on your list or that wasn’t on your budget previously.  At that point, you would have realized that you could live without it and actually you don’t need it. Then you will really be in control of your financial destiny because at that point you have the power and freedom to choose.

I encourage you to take a moment and figure out what signal you are sending out today. Pay attention to your state of mind, and see what is energetically emanating from you. There is no time like the present to start making a change!



Dr. M



The resilience of a lie

images (1)

There are everyday lies we as a society live with. We are lied to by our friends, family and society at least once a day! A lie is defined as a statement that is false, misleading or inaccurate. Each of us wears many hats. We are parents, friends, business owners, accountants, chefs’ etc. In each of our roles we lie and are lied to. There are some lies that we have collectively agreed that are permissible. There are others that we know it is a lie, but we pretend it is not or choose to ignore it.

As parents, we lie to our children constantly. The obvious lies are the classic Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny. These are not just whimsical characters in stories. No, they come out and interact with us. The Tooth Fairy leaves money for us in exchange for our baby teeth. Santa gives us presents at Christmas and the Easter bunny hides chocolates for us to find. We lovingly lie to our kids because we think we are feeding their imagination. What we are really doing is feeding them a belief. We are telling them what to believe and they believe us, until they get older and figure things out. At this point we justify it by saying that everyone does it, it’s just a tradition. This type of lying is not condemned by the majority of society because most of us participate in and have collectively agreed that it just a white lie. Let’s not kid ourselves. Black or white, a lie is a lie.


As a business owner or business executive we lie on a continuous basis. When we sell our product or service we omit all the downside and focus on only the positive aspects of what we are selling. The consumer gets a distorted view of the product or service. When you put out an advertisement that highlights only the positive aspects of your product and downplay any negative features it is simply misleading.  The classic example in this case is Coke. All sodas are advertised with a bias to their particular appeal, but Coke has taken it to another level. They have now managed to link their product to happiness! Yes, happiness can be had with excess amounts of sugar, which just as addictive as cocaine, and of course if you prefer no sugar, you can have aspartame instead. Never mind the troublesome detail that research has shown that it is carcinogenic and can cause cancer. We as consumers know that it is bad for us, but it seems we choose to be lied to.


It is bad enough that we lie to others. It is even worst when we lie to ourselves and we try to rationalize why we do things we know we shouldn’t be doing. We all can relate to either having that one extra drink, that dessert or that purchase we made that we couldn’t afford but bought it anyway. Then we find reasons to justify our behavior. For instance, I was celebrating, I don’t do it all the time, and it was on sale. This self-justification arises because our behavior is not consistent with our beliefs (cognitive dissonance). So to make ourselves feel better about our choices we downplay the negative and fabricate reasons that support what we did.

On the surface, we may think this is harmless. So what if we try to make ourselves feel better sometimes. Unfortunately, things get dangerous when sometimes turns into most of the time. It is not easy and most of us are not willing to step up and stop lying to ourselves. Nothing can change if we continue on this path even for little things. This behavior can be very damaging over time. Research has shown that this type of self-justification can lead to “degradation of self-image”. If we practice self-justification for too long, that is if on a regular basis, we go against what we know is right for us and we regularly  have to justify our behavior to ourselves, it can have undesirable repercussions. We become frustrated and develop self-doubt and self-esteem issues. We feel out of control and debilitated. It may have started out innocently, but like little drops of water that can erode a mountain over time, so too lying to ourselves will destroy us overtime. It shows up in our health, in our relationships and in our financial statements.

There are many untruths out there, before we can expose the untruth that is in the world we first have to start with ourselves. We have to expose the untruth we tell ourselves and eradicate it. If you know that your behavior or actions are not helping you achieve the life you want, stop justifying those behaviors and actions. Get real with yourself. The first step is always the hardest and most painful  but in the end, its worth it.



Dr. M