The fastest way to get rich is to wear Purple and be Mindful

June 15th is designated conscious consumer day. On this day we ask you to wear purple as a reminder to be financially mindful. All too often people spend for the wrong reasons. These are so many cultural standards that we try to meet and in the process create debt for ourselves.  Never stopping for aContinue reading “The fastest way to get rich is to wear Purple and be Mindful”


We are living in a Material World!

We have come to associate the accumulation of things that money can buy as a symbol of a successful and happy life. Materialism is the belief that everything in the universe is matter and has no spiritual or intellectual existence. Researchers define it as “a value system that is preoccupied with possessions and the socialContinue reading “We are living in a Material World!”

What Value System Are You Instilling in Your Children?

We are constantly being seduced by materialism.  We are made to believe that our lives will get better and we will be happier the more things we acquire and consume. Our sense of self and place in society is determined by how much we can amass in our lifetime. A person is judged not byContinue reading “What Value System Are You Instilling in Your Children?”

Do you know where your money comes from?

I think sometimes we forget that money is just a TOOL. It is an artificial construct used to perform specific functions. The main function is to make it easier to trade. Over the years money has taken on a personality and a mysticism of its own. We give up our time and freedom in pursuitContinue reading “Do you know where your money comes from?”

Death or Debt?

Death is the debt we must all pay, but debt doesn’t have to be the death of us! In my last post I showed the dark side of compounding. Anyone with credit card debt is on the dark side.  Today I want to discuss a little more about debt, specifically, good and bad debt. NotContinue reading “Death or Debt?”