What‘s your next move?

Building health and wealth have so much in common. It all boils down to our daily choices. Our everyday choices affect the size our waistline and the size of our bank account. Making the right choice in both cases requires us to know whether something is a need or a want. We all can tellContinue reading “What‘s your next move?”


The fastest way to get rich is to wear Purple and be Mindful

June 15th is designated conscious consumer day. On this day we ask you to wear purple as a reminder to be financially mindful. All too often people spend for the wrong reasons. These are so many cultural standards that we try to meet and in the process create debt for ourselves.  Never stopping for aContinue reading “The fastest way to get rich is to wear Purple and be Mindful”

Do you think being a conscious consumer matters?

I think it’s only fitting that today’s post is all about being a conscious consumer.  There are many injustices and inequalities in this world. When we hear Oxfam statistics that says that 62 people own the same wealth as half of the world it can be bewildering.  62 people on this planet have $ 1.76trillionContinue reading “Do you think being a conscious consumer matters?”

Are you afraid to speak up?

Do you ever hesitate to tell someone that what they are doing is wrong or makes no sense? Do you ever hesitate to tell a friend they are wasting their money or spending badly? I ask these questions because I think many of us have at some time or another have witnessed some massive andContinue reading “Are you afraid to speak up?”

The Power of Pink and the Rise of Purple!

Today my kids went to school wearing pink, and it’s not because they’re girls. It is pink shirt day at school. The pink shirt a symbol of strength and solidarity against bullies, here is the clip that tells the story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjmf3I1_ZhU Kids are not the only ones who face bullying on a day to dayContinue reading “The Power of Pink and the Rise of Purple!”

Is it ever okay to be manipulated?

As a financial educator and consultant, I have three main objectives. First, I have to work with my clients to determine what they deem to a financial success.  This could mean having a certain amount of savings or assets or having a certain lifestyle.  Financial success is very subjective. It means different things to differentContinue reading “Is it ever okay to be manipulated?”

How Susceptible are we to Branding?

These days when I go shopping I stop for a moment and ask myself why am I getting this particular product.  What is the driving force for me to buy this particular brand? I read the label and it says healthy, Non-GMO, reduced sugar. These words resonate with me because these are the things IContinue reading “How Susceptible are we to Branding?”