Are you currently paying bank fees, specifically monthly maintenance fees? If you are it’s akin to paying the supermarket a fee for the chance to buy food from them. When we pay these bank fees we are in effect paying the bank to make them richer. Let me explain. Banks make their money by lending out depositors’ money (your money) at a higher rate than they pay to depositors (you). Notice that your mortgage or line of credit carries a higher interest rate than your savings/checking account. Essentially depositors (you) are giving the banks their product (your money) which they take and use to make themselves a healthy profit. Without your deposit they would have no means of making money.  At the core when we pay bank fees we are really paying them (the banks) to get richer.


Now, banks (both traditional brick and mortar banks and online banks) provide a valuable service in keeping money flowing through the economy. There are some valid fees that are logical and expected. For instance, fees for bounced checks due to insufficient funds, foreign transfer fees, lost debit card fee, paper statement fee (vs. a free online version). These are justifiable, but the monthly maintenance fees that are required by some banks are incomprehensible.  Traditional brick and mortar banks are guilty of this fee. Most online banks don’t have these fees.  They have free access to ATMs, unlimited check requests and they also pay interest on the balance on your checking account not just your savings account. It makes sense to use a bank that does not charge us a fee for simply opening a bank account.

Fees, especially those that go unnoticed or the ones we never question, add up over time. These bank fees are an example where our herd mentality still haunts us. Our primal instincts require us to confirm with the herd for survival, we might be living in a modern world but we are still running on primal software. It is only with conscious effort can we override this primal instinct.  It is important that you understand  how the financial system really works. Then you would be better able to make an informed choice and not just follow along with the masses. Not because everyone is doing it makes it right.

For Canadians this is a good read:

We don’t need to be paying some of these banks fees. They are unfair and unwarranted. This holds true for bank fees and investment fees.  The Oracle of Omaha himself has said it “When trillions of dollars are managed by Wall Street charging high fees, it will usually be the managers who reap outsized profits, not the clients.” Warren Buffet February 2017.

Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit - Day 2

It is common for many of us to think that we are powerless against the big banks and corporations. We seem to keep forgetting that we are the very people who keep them in business. They only exist because of us. Without our money these banks and corporations will not be able to function. When more and more of us start to realize this and act accordingly, only then we will see where the true power lies.

This week I encourage you to investigate what fees you’re paying. If you haven’t done this before, be prepared to learn something new and save some money in the process.


Dr. M



The Root Of All Evil!


Some of you may be surprised to know that the root of all evil is NOT money. The root of all evil is the belief that there is only ONE way to view the world.  These are some weird times we are going through. The world seems to be regressing before my eyes.  In keeping with the adage “be the change you want to see” I believe that it is necessary for me to take stock of how I really see the world.   In trying to find peace and sanity in day to day existence amidst “fake” news and “alternative facts” I feel that it is crucial to understand my beliefs and see whether they need updating or amending.

A person’s life philosophy or view of the world is a combination of their genetic makeup and environmental conditioning. This just means that the way you see the world depends on your biology and your background. Someone born in the tropics for instance, will have different physical features and temperament than someone who is born in a temperate country. Someone who grows up a religious household sees and experiences the world very differently than someone who grew up with atheistic parents.

Is it any wonder that we have a hard time understanding each other even when we speak the same language?  Even if we hold biology constant and we couldn’t differentiate people by their physical appearance, we would still have to deal with the person’s ideology.  This is true from the micro to the macro level. In households it is common to find people holding different ideologies. They might all share the same genetics but not necessary the same world view.  We find this same dynamic on a larger scale in communities and countries.  There is one world, but there are seven billion different perspectives of this same world. It’s a massive undertaking to get everyone to understand the same point of view. I don’t know that this is even possible, but I believe that if we work towards it, we would be in a better place than we are today.

If I had to suggest steps, the first would be to recognize what the real problem is. We all have to collectively understand that, we see the world as we are, not as it is.  We have all made our beliefs, our truth. Once we understand this then we can start the process of trying to understand the other person or the other point of view.

When we enter into discussions knowing that that when we speak the other person is translating what we say in a way that they can comprehend. This does not guarantee that we will be talking about the same thing. When we recognize this, we can spend more time trying to understand each other rather than arguing with each other.   A rudimentary example to demonstrate this point is given below.  What do you see in the picture?  Is it a duck or a rabbit?  Which is correct? Some people see the duck and others see only the rabbit. Both are correct. The trick is being able to shift from seeing one to another.


My two cents for today, is that instead of demonizing each other maybe we can use the same energy to understand what makes the other person or the other side behave the way they do. We may in the process not only learn more about others, but also more about ourselves.

The issues we are dealing with today didn’t happen overnight.  It has been festering for years and like it or not we have all contributed in one way or another. If head to head combat is not working, try something else. Reach out to the players that can make a change. Connect with them, make peace with them.  We need to go from the ground up. People are people and at the core we all want the same thing- peace of mind. We may all have a different idea of how to go about achieving this and what we must have to get this but it is the starting point for dialogue. We need to find more things to agree on and fewer things to fight about. Otherwise, we will just be spinning a top in mud.

My challenge for you today is to try to see the world from another person’s perspective. Choose someone-a parent, your spouse, a friend or even your children and see if you can see things they way they do, you might be surprised by what you learn.

Dr. M


Want Peace? Take off Your Glasses!


It is hard to tell whether Donald Trump is seeking America’s self-interest or his own.  In a perfect world self-interest is a thing of beauty.  For instance, when buyers and sellers meet each wants to get the best price for themselves. The buyer wants the lowest price and the seller wants the highest price. Buyers and sellers would haggle until they agree on a price that they are both satisfied with, but this is in theory. In reality the seller uses strong arm tactics and “alternative facts” to force the buyer into purchasing the item at a much higher price. The seller is happy and the buyer is left feeling unsure of what happened. In their hearts they know that they paid too much, but they were put in a position where they had no choice. In the real world self-interest is corrupted by bullies and tyrants who don’t deal fairly. It is sullied by those who believe their view of the world is the correct one and force others to conform.

A political system is as good or bad as the people who comprise them. When people are fearful of the future they will look to anyone who can promise them hope. It is believed that something different and new will mean something better. We see day by day that this is not the case. When we have a leader that does not see the beauty in humanity, but only sees the world from his conditioned psychology, we have to expect that making American great again is for a selected few and not for the masses.  Everyone is seeing the world only from their perspective. Those who support Donald Trump see the world through green glasses. Those who are against him and everything he stands for see the world through purple glasses. For someone who sees through green glasses, they will never the see things as purple. The only way that both sides can understand each other is to take off their glasses.  Each one thinks they are right, but the reality, maybe something completely different.

As for me, I know I’m wearing purple glasses. I am trying to take them off and it’s not easy, because I really don’t want to since I am convinced that my view is the right one.   I however, don’t have that luxury. I must take the initiative.  As a parent, I have learned that it is imperative to take off my glasses and put on those of my children. It’s the only way to understand how they see the world. It’s the only way to really understand their point of view.  We can have no peace in families, in communities, in countries and in the world if we believe that our view is the only right view and there is only one way to live.

So what are we to do? We have to take off our glasses.  My first step in doing so is to keep an open mind about what’s happening.  I am (desperately) looking for the silver lining.   I want to shift the way I currently think about and process what’s happening around me. I’m committed to trying to understand rather than criticize because I feel that it is important to my sanity and perhaps I can finally get some peace.

Hands on a globe --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

How willing are you to take off your glasses?



Money is human happiness in the abstract


Can you tell the difference between the abstract and the concrete forms of happiness?   In the abstract form it means that money can be used to buy material things to make one happy. The concrete form comes in many forms and is different for everyone.  It can be a warm sunny day, a pleasant smile from a stranger, a kind word to or from a loved one, the smell of coffee or the sound of rain.  Our economic, social and political system is structured to function and work around money and the focus is thus on the abstract.

Last week I met with some fellow finance colleagues and we were talking about the usual finance stuff our clients, their portfolio the composition of the portfolio, etc.  Then I asked “Why are you guys in this business?  What’s your ultimate goal?” At first I got a blank stare as if to say isn’t it obvious we want to be successful and make our clients successful.  What are you asking us!

It took some probing to get them to drill down to the main reason why they were working so hard.  Most of the reasons were to provide financial security for themselves and their family.  This was obvious and practical. Then I asked does financial security bring happiness?  Now I started getting some weird stares and after they checked my coffee to make sure it was not spiked, we headed down the proverbial rabbit hole!

Some of my colleagues realized that they never took the time to ask this question. It is the default assumption that if we have financial security, we will be happy. Most of us default to this notion. In the pursuit of making the money only a few know how to really balance being financially stable and really being happy.  The trick is to be practical and strive for financial success while maintaining your health, peace of mind and a strong relationship with family and friends.

Where do you find happiness in your bank account, in drink, in chocolate with others? If you do what’s wrong with that? Well, they can all possibly disappear.  There could be a financial crisis and you lose all your money, you may have drunk too much and have to go to rehab,  eating too much forces  you to go to  weight watchers and , divorce and separation can tear people away from your life. There is an end to all these things, when this happens where do you turn to find your happiness?

Making money and being happy are not conflicting goals. If anything they are correlative.  They feed off each other to produce a virtuous cycle. But before this can happen, we have to know what we want from life and ensure that we are not swayed more to one side that the other.  It is not a science, but rather an art in balancing both.

I want to leave you with a question “Is happiness important to you and if it is, does it matter to you where it comes from? Do you want your happiness to be dependent on outside material things and people or would you rather it be generated from inside where it is independent of external forces?

Let’s open up the discussion.
Dr. M





Use your dollar to change the world


Why are we constantly trying to acquire more and more things? Who told us that we need to do this? Many of us are consumed by the need to have more of everything money, real estate, status and power. We spend the prime years of our lives pursuing these goals. Some do it because they need to prove themselves to the world. Some do it because they feel they need to fit into an image that has been fed to them.  Sometimes we believe that we had the idea when in fact it was so stealthily planted that we believed it originated with us.  On a national level every country is striving for economic growth and the improvement of the quality of life for its people. Technology is growing leaps and bounds and we are heralding a new era in every facet of life. From communication to medicine, progress has been at warp speed.

The question remains, though how much of this progress is actually reaching the people who really need it. We live in a world where the wealthy spend US$2 million on a golden bath tub (Mike Tyson’s gift) while others live on less than  US$1.90 per  day (10.7% of the world’s population live on less than US$1.90 a day (World Bank 2016)).

How can we make an impact on this inequality and inequity? The answer lies in asking the question what is the purpose of all this? The obvious answer is of course financial security as a practical matter of life. But we all know that in the developed world the drive is not for mere survival. It goes beyond meeting basic needs and wants. When we can give an authentic answer to why it is we keep striving for more and more then we will begin to solve the problem. It will set off a spark. A spark that will mark the beginning of the end of this massive disparity, a little spark if fed can incinerate inequality and inequity that have plagued us for so long.

We can only have a more balanced system and a just distribution of all resources if we STOP dancing to someone else’s music. What do I mean?  I mean stop making the 1% richer by purchasing their products and supporting their franchises.  The majority of what we consume is owned by the 1% and they don’t want that to change. Our food is genetically modified, the news is propaganda and we are fed ideas and notions that serve the interest of only a few.  Not to be corny, but really, we have to unplug from the matrix. When need to take the red pill and start making different choices –our own choices.


The directive to do this will NOT come from the top. Political candidates regardless of who they are (buffoon or polished politician) will always have a bias. Real change can only come from the people. Those we elect are there to steer the ship. We are the ones who need to instruct them on how to do it and we can.  They will listen to us when we speak to them in a language they understand-MONEY. We have to do it with our everyday choices. Each dollar you spend, make it count. Make sure that you support companies and products that help in alleviating the problem and don’t support the ones that just perpetuate the status quo.  All our combined purchasing power can cause change.  It can result in both faster and more drastic change than copious amounts of discussion or protest can ever bring about.  Being conscious of how and why you spend will not only benefit you and your bank account, it will also benefit society at large. We have the power to cause change and we walk around every day with it in our back pocket, purse and on our phone. How we choose to spend our dollars determines the kind of world we live in.


Join the discussion, take up the challenge.


Dr. M






Young and Carefree is just a Myth


In the last couple of weeks I have met a few students who have been having a hard time at school. It seems that student’s anxiety and stress levels are increasing. This was confirmed by the recent survey conducted by the Canadian Association of College & University Student Services in September 2016. The survey found that anxiety and depression as the top mental illness that students face. It seems that more and more the young people are afflicted with a barrage of ideals and expectations that they have to live up to. I should say that they feel that they have to live up to. The reasons for the high levels of anxiety and depression range from body issues, eating disorders, school and life balance and trying to figure out what to do with the rest of their life. These are daunting issues for anyone at any age to face. It seems ironic that we have so many advancements and technological progress in the world and instead of this making people happier and more at peace it seems to be doing the opposite and from an early age.

One of the stressors that students face is finance. Many students work while they are at school. Most do so out of necessity. While there is merit in students working part time while studying, it seems that it is also a major source of stress. At a very early age, students need to be able to juggle work and life balance while they figure out who they are and what they want to do in this is world. Over the summer I supervised two research papers which both examined how students manage their finances. One paper showed that students did not have any idea about managing their debt prior to graduation. They indicated that they may have done things differently had they known the issues they would have to face once they graduated. While the second paper showed that even though the students knew that they needed more financial education to help them manage their debt, they didn’t want the traditional finance sessions.
These results highlight the inherent aversion that people have towards understanding finance. The students recognized that they needed help in managing their finances. They understand that if they have more knowledge they can better manage their financial affairs. However, many are not willing to invest the time to do this. This aversion may stem from intimidation. Many see finance and money issues as complex and beyond their grasp. Another reason may be people see finance as boring with a capital B! I often see the glaze looked that people get when they hear the word finance. It must be said that students are not the only ones, adults are no different. It seems that most people regardless of their age would prefer to ignore the problem rather than take it on.

It is true that not all financial education is effective and it depends a lot on how it is delivered. This is one of the primary reasons that I created The Kidonomics Series (TKS). The idea is that if children grow up reading stories about other kids who make choices, save and spend wisely then it would normal for them to do these things. The TKS stories are simple and engaging because children can relate to the characters in the story. They see themselves in these characters and therefore they try to emulate them. It has been my personal experience that it is easier to raise a financially aware child than it is to make an adult financially aware. I believe if we can all understand what money really is and its true role in society, then we will all be better off both financially and more importantly mentally!


Dr. M


How do we create a life we really want?


Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a great summer. I had several ideas for my first post in September but when I stumbled on this quote by George Bernard Shaw it really struck me and I thought it was perfect for this week’s post.

If  you read this quote and your immediate response is “Find yourself? Go look in the mirror!” Then do keep an open mind as you read on.  Most of us at some point in time question our lives and we feel that something is missing. We think we have to find ourselves. We go searching for meaning and purpose in life.  Usually society /family dictates to us from very early on what we should and shouldn’t do. We are never allowed to explore what it is we really want to do or be in life. We are told from the start what path we must follow and we comply. Only to realize later in life we are unfulfilled and unhappy. On the outside we it might seem that we have it all, and this is reflected in material riches. Inside, however,   we might be in utter turmoil.

Do we have to simply follow our bliss if we want to  create a life were really love. If this is the case, then why is it that so many of us still suffer? Perhaps it is because we have yet to discover what truly makes us happy. This is what I think it means when people go to find themselves. They are really trying to figure out how to express their innate talents which society has never allowed them to do. How can we create a life if we don’t know what we want? This is a big problem for many people. Not to contradict George but I believe we can only create our life when we know what it is we want. To figure out what we want, we have to “find ourselves” which really means figuring out what makes us happy. Only then can we begin to create a life we love.

I love what I do.  I have always known that I wanted to teach. I love talking (sometimes too much) and writing makes me happy.  As much as I enjoyed the carefree summer with my girls I am not sure I can do that all year around. I’m looking forward to getting back to campus and interacting with my students. I’m looking forward to meeting with my clients and I am really looking forward to getting back to finishing my many writing projects.


How do you feel returning back to school or work? How you answer this question will be a big indicator as to what you should be doing with your life.  As always, feel free to drop me a line and let me know.

Dr. M


September seems like a new year, a new beginning and in keeping with that vibe I decided to make a couple of changes to my blog. The first is that from now on my blog posts will around 500 words, plus or minus. The second change is that I will now post every other week. Both these changes have come about because I know we are all inundated with information all day, every day so in an attempt to help this situation, I have decided to say what I need to say with few words  and less often (wish me luck!).  I like it when I get just a few nuggets of wisdom once or twice a month from the sites I subscribed to. I feel overwhelmed with daily and even weekly updates, because even if I wanted to read or listen to everything I just don’t have the time. So, I decided to put myself in my reader’s shoes and treat them the way I want to be treated.

The final change is that I will be answering specific questions. If you have a question that you would like my opinion you can email me at If appropriate, some of these questions and answers will be posted on my blog starting in 2017, especially those questions that can benefit a lot of people.

Nowhere to go, nothing to do!


It’s July, the best month ever! Not only is it my birth month, it’s also full-fledged summer! As the sun gets hotter, the bathing suits come out and the summer drinks start flowing I want to suggest a summer reframe. This summer I suggest that we reframe the definition of wealth from how much we have to how little we really need to be happy.What does it truly take to make us happy? The only thing we really have control over is what we decide to pay attention to. And what we pay attention to can either make us happy or make us sad. We have total control in this regard. We may not have control of how humid it gets, but we can focus less on the humidity and more on enjoying your icy drink or splashing in the pool.  A simple shift in perception can make a very big difference in our level of enjoyment.


I am really talking to myself here more than you. There are some things I can reframe and others that I sometimes have a hard time with. Like many of you I can be stubborn and refuse to shift my perception, even though I know it can change my experience. Case in point is I hate to be kept waiting and I know it is possible to simply accept it because what else can you do at that point.  It usually works out fine, but  I have a hard time finding the silver lining in the moment. I still get annoyed even when I know I have control of how I can respond to the situation and that diminishes my wealth quota for the day. I am working on this and it’s getting better.  I expect that someday soon I will be totally chilled when someone keeps me waiting (fingers crossed).

I hope you join me over the next couple of months to work on reframing what it takes to make you happy. It doesn’t cost a thing and it requires minimal effort. In each moment over this summer, let’s try making whatever situation we are in a good one. Be selfish and try to find ways to make yourself happy or feel better in any situation you may find yourself in. So if those mosquitoes really do a number on you, try to look for the upside side. You can use it as the reason why you need to lie down and put your feet up while someone else does the dishes! You have to admit that’s a pretty sweet reframe!  Life is truly what we make it. When we can train ourselves to make each moment a good one we will end up with a bunch of wonderful moments and that to me makes a wonderful life.

This is the last post until September.  It is family time and my girls need my full attention since they refused to go to camp and made a very convincing case for taking the summer off and doing nothing. By nothing they mean nothing is planned. No schedules, no activities, no play dates or events.  They just want an easy breezy lazy summer.  They will still be going to piano classes, but that is as strenuous as it gets.

Have a great summer everyone. See you in September!


Dr. M

Blimey Brexit is real!


As a former history student, I can appreciate the momentous event that happened on June 23rd.   The people have voted. Britain will leave the European Union (EU). It doesn’t matter if many weren’t clear on what they voted for or whether their motives were noble, either way it’s a done deal.  The British people have been dancing around this topic for decades now. Finally the results are in and Britain is on its way out. Whether there was one overriding reason or a confluence of reasons the fact is that the die has been cast and we can expect significant consequences from Brexit for both inside and outside of Britain.

Naturally trade, investment and immigration are the main issues of concerned. All of these factors have a direct impact on Britain’s economic growth. It has a direct impact on peoples’ lives in terms of jobs, interest rates, mortgage payment and the like.  From a brief survey of the economic impact of Brexit, it seems that while there will be a shuffling of costs, but Britain will be no better or worse off at the end of the day assuming things go as plan. Britain’s ability to survive Brexit hinges on their being able to maintain a cordial relationship with the remaining EU members.

Now this is where it gets tricky.  France is already taking a hard stance against Britain and I imagine others would follow. Sometimes we forget the there are people holding all these positions and there are a lot of egos involved. There are 28 countries in the EU and they have differences in culture and ideologies.  There is no guarantee that it would be an amicable divorce.  These countries can make life difficult for Britain because Britain relies heavily on trade.  So, while the economic fallout is a given, the severity will depend on the political power struggle that is sure to ensue.  Many are bracing themselves for a bitter divorce and this is reflected by the panic in the markets.

It is never easy to make a stand against an established authority. There will always be causalities. Change usually comes at a cost. It seems that this is one cost that many are willing to pay because they believe it will improve their lives and that of the future generation.   Britain has accused the EU of being anti-democratic. Laws and policies are made behind closed doors. Special interest no doubt has an impact on these policies and laws.  It doesn’t augur well when these European Union officials (eurocrates) have lavish lifestyles and pay themselves more than the British prime minister.  The claim is that there is no transparency and accountability and many of the EU policies have adverse effects on local industries, case point is the fishing industry. There are pros and cons for Brexit, but the rally cry is that Britain is fighting for its sovereignty. It desires to get out of the EU’s choke hold. It’s ironic that for once Britain is getting a taste of its own medicine. The colonizer is fighting for its own sovereignty! You have to admit there is something poetically beautiful about that, poetic justice indeed.


Many have argued that the true motivation for this clamor for sovereignty has more to do with immigration and less to do with all the EU contributions and policies that they have to endure.   For years, many have been complaining about the EU inefficiencies, corruption and unfair policies. The popularity of the EU has declined over the years. This untethering by the Britain can only result is constructive change to the EU itself (it is hoped). More than that, if in fact the primary reason for Brexit is to keep foreigners out, then those who voted for Breixt for this reason will be in for a bit of a shock. The reason is that if Britain wants to keep good trading relations it will have to open its doors to foreigners. It is logistically impossible to completely close its borders.

The world is such a smaller today because of technology. No country can survive on its own. There is no escaping this and those who cling on to outdated notions of how things should be, have to be ready to suffer the consequences of their actions. I always welcome anything or anyone who challenges the status quo. Fairness and justice is a noble goal and sometimes the path to it may be long and arduous.  Regardless of the motive for Brexit, I think this change is more than overdue.  I believe that it will result changes that will be beneficial for everyone in the long run.  For Britain it will bring to the fore the issues which have been festering for a long time. The time has reached for the country to deal with them. For the EU this will undoubtedly bring change, to what extent I don’t know. Obviously things can’t remain the same, so whether others leave or not, the EU will have to make changes of its own if it wants to survive.  Many are against Brexit, but I think it’s fantastic. It’s a bold move that will be messy and costly, but it is an important catalyst for change. Changes which I believe we can’t even foresee at the moment.   If anything Brexit should be a reminder to us that the  only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain!



Dr. M











The Roz and Mocha Show- Inspired Wisdom, who knew!


hqdefault (1)

Last Thursday morning while driving to work I was listening to 92.5FM The Roz and Mocha Show.  They played a clip of an elderly woman’s reaction to wearing a virtual reality headset for the first time. The simulation was a roller coaster.  You could hear the clip of the woman screaming.  Mocha was beside himself with laughter, while Roz was a little more sympathetic. It was funny, sad and very profound! I naturally searched for the clip and found it.  You can see it yourself, I put the link below.

Now, it was funny because she was perfectly safe and her reaction to the virtual experience was so intense it was priceless. At the same time it was quite sad because this poor woman was obviously scared senseless and her family were all having a laugh at her expense.  It’s a bit cruel, even. Listening to this and oscillating between laughter and outrage I found this profound.  Yes, I had all three reactions!

It was profound because it highlights a universal truth. Our world, our reality is really created in our head. Our bodies react to what we are experiencing and feeling in our head. You know there is a saying we are what we eat. Well, I think we are what we feel!  This woman was sitting on a chair with her family around her and she was fully swept into this virtual world. So much so that it really became her reality and the fear made her pass out. Her intense feeling of fear overrode everything else.

Back in the day when the movie and the book, The Secret, was popular everyone was going around thinking rich and happy thoughts with the aim of becoming rich and happy. Most soon realize that it didn’t work. The reason that it didn’t work was because even though they were thinking rich and happy thoughts they weren’t feeling rich and happy. They were feeling lack and sadness and covering up with those rich and happy thoughts.


The underlying belief translates itself into an emotion and we manifest the result. The old woman believed that she was in a scary roller coaster ride and she felt fear and it manifested by her passing out. Everyone who was looking on knew that it was not real and deep down inside she knows that too, but yet she got sucked in. Sounds familiar?

All of this was going through my mind while listening to this clip. Then Roz made an even more profound statement, “nobody ever thinks of taking off the goggles, they all get sucked into this reality.”   I think I am quoting him correctly. We all have a choice we can take off our goggles, but we don’t. We instead get sucked in by this “reality”. We believe that what is happening to us is so real and we respond accordingly. We all laugh at the woman, but don’t realize we are doing the same thing, this reality has sucked us in and we have no clue. We laugh at her, but she represents our society, where most of us can’t tell reality from fiction.  We all have our goggles on and many believe there is an enemy and a tragedy get just around the corner. Then they are shocked and outrage when these same events manifest themselves.

Even if we don’t take off the goggles and maybe we don’t know how to take them off, but know that we are wearing them, then our perception and experience on a day to day level can change. I know that my goggles are still on and I am keen on finding a way to get them off. In the meantime, however, just the knowledge of the existence of the goggles allows me to see things from a slightly different perspective from someone who is not aware that they have their goggles on.  I know that a lot can change if we all individually realize that we have on goggles.  It would be kinder, happier, more just place because we would all realize that it’s just a game, a projection. With that knowledge we would certainly get less worked up about colour, race, ideology, religion and most of all MONEY!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Drop me a line and let me know what you think.




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