A More Useful Perspective of Taxation

LEFT: Sumerian tablet which records payment of the tax called “burden,” circa 2500 B.C.   RIGHT: Pharaohs, like the one shown here on the door jamb of the Palace of Merenptah (1236-1223 B.C.), were powerful rulers who could, and did, collect taxes as they saw fit. Taxation goes back to ancient times. Even in theContinue reading “A More Useful Perspective of Taxation”


Death or Debt?

Death is the debt we must all pay, but debt doesn’t have to be the death of us! In my last post I showed the dark side of compounding. Anyone with credit card debt is on the dark side.  Today I want to discuss a little more about debt, specifically, good and bad debt. NotContinue reading “Death or Debt?”

Finance is NOT about the Numbers, Compounding

Whether Einstein actually said this or not I cannot confirm, but I can attest to the fact that is it a truly profound quote. It succinctly summarizes the beauty and tragedy of compounding. If you understand and apply it, you will see enjoy its beauty. If not, you will suffer the tragedy well pass yourContinue reading “Finance is NOT about the Numbers, Compounding”

Finance is NOT about the numbers- The Budget

Today I want to reframe how we think of budgets. I will use the German psychiatrist Franz Muller-Lyer illusions as a metaphor of how we make decisions with reference to the two main components of the budget (savings and spending).  I want to demonstrate that there are factors outside the scope of spreadsheets and numbersContinue reading “Finance is NOT about the numbers- The Budget”

Finance is NOT about the numbers, Knowledge and Application

I am always on the quest for knowledge. I usually want to know everything about a topic. Doing research is pure bliss. Over the years, however, I have come to realise in a very poignant way that knowledge without application is useless. Like many, I may know something intellectually, but never really put it intoContinue reading “Finance is NOT about the numbers, Knowledge and Application”

Finance is NOT about the numbers- Income

Today we will examine the role of income in wealth accumulation. Income is a significant component of your ability to grow wealth. How do you manage your income? Do you have a systematized approach? Do you spend first and save later or save first and spend what’s left? Are you making conscious decisions as toContinue reading “Finance is NOT about the numbers- Income”

Finance is NOT about the numbers-Uncovering your SPENDING PERSONALITY

In the last post, I gave you the formula for financial success and I made it clear that having and keeping money starts with having the right mindset. During the course of the next few posts I will dissect the “secret formula” to reveal the factors that really control your financial life. Through this process, you willContinue reading “Finance is NOT about the numbers-Uncovering your SPENDING PERSONALITY”

Finance is NOT about the numbers, it’s a MINDSET

I am going to skip the introduction and get straight to the point. Here is the formula for financial success: save more than you spend, invest that amount at a decent rate of interest and watch compounding do it’s magic.  The longer you save and/or the higher the interest rate, the richer you will be! ItContinue reading “Finance is NOT about the numbers, it’s a MINDSET”