Do you think being a conscious consumer matters?

I think it’s only fitting that today’s post is all about being a conscious consumer.  There are many injustices and inequalities in this world. When we hear Oxfam statistics that says that 62 people own the same wealth as half of the world it can be bewildering.  62 people on this planet have $ 1.76trillionContinue reading “Do you think being a conscious consumer matters?”


If you’re a student, you need to read this!

Today’s post is based on a discussion I had with my third year undergraduate students.  It was clear from the discussion that students need more information how to use credit cards effectively.  There is the general consensus that it is overwhelming and confusing dealing with credit cards and its many implications.  As a result, IContinue reading “If you’re a student, you need to read this!”

Do you know how to use your weapon?

If ever there was a time for financial education it is now because more and more the concept of money is becoming abstract. People are spending freely without understanding the real impact that it can have on their life. When you can simply beep, scan or tap for your purchase then it is easy toContinue reading “Do you know how to use your weapon?”

Breaking the Rules can make you Happier

There are many paths to financial success and there is one golden rule that holds for all, to be successful you have to spending less than you earn.  I have written a lot about this and have given many tips and strategies to help people incorporate these rules in daily lives. Today the focus isContinue reading “Breaking the Rules can make you Happier”

Which do you need-A financial coach or a financial advisor?

A coach is someone who supports a learner in achieving a specific goal. In the case of a financial coach, it is someone who supports a client in achieving specific financial/life goals. A financial coach is not the same thing as a financial advisor. A financial advisor focuses specifically on investment planning, especially for retirement.Continue reading “Which do you need-A financial coach or a financial advisor?”

Building Trust

As a parent, it is important for us to build trust with our children very early on. It is common to hear parents say “It goes by so fast” and it’s true. My daughters are not only getting taller (than me) but are growing into their own little individuals. It is amazing to see theContinue reading “Building Trust”

Are you afraid to speak up?

Do you ever hesitate to tell someone that what they are doing is wrong or makes no sense? Do you ever hesitate to tell a friend they are wasting their money or spending badly? I ask these questions because I think many of us have at some time or another have witnessed some massive andContinue reading “Are you afraid to speak up?”

The Power of Pink and the Rise of Purple!

Today my kids went to school wearing pink, and it’s not because they’re girls. It is pink shirt day at school. The pink shirt a symbol of strength and solidarity against bullies, here is the clip that tells the story: Kids are not the only ones who face bullying on a day to dayContinue reading “The Power of Pink and the Rise of Purple!”