Are you currently paying bank fees, specifically monthly maintenance fees? If you are it’s akin to paying the supermarket a fee for the chance to buy food from them. When we pay these bank fees we are in effect paying the bank to make them richer. Let me explain. Banks make their money by lendingContinue reading “DON’T GET DUPED!”


The Root Of All Evil!

Some of you may be surprised to know that the root of all evil is NOT money. The root of all evil is the belief that there is only ONE way to view the world.  These are some weird times we are going through. The world seems to be regressing before my eyes.  In keepingContinue reading “The Root Of All Evil!”

Want Peace? Take off Your Glasses!

It is hard to tell whether Donald Trump is seeking America’s self-interest or his own.  In a perfect world self-interest is a thing of beauty.  For instance, when buyers and sellers meet each wants to get the best price for themselves. The buyer wants the lowest price and the seller wants the highest price. BuyersContinue reading “Want Peace? Take off Your Glasses!”

Money is human happiness in the abstract

Can you tell the difference between the abstract and the concrete forms of happiness?   In the abstract form it means that money can be used to buy material things to make one happy. The concrete form comes in many forms and is different for everyone.  It can be a warm sunny day, a pleasant smileContinue reading “Money is human happiness in the abstract”

Use your dollar to change the world

Why are we constantly trying to acquire more and more things? Who told us that we need to do this? Many of us are consumed by the need to have more of everything money, real estate, status and power. We spend the prime years of our lives pursuing these goals. Some do it because theyContinue reading “Use your dollar to change the world”

Young and Carefree is just a Myth

In the last couple of weeks I have met a few students who have been having a hard time at school. It seems that student’s anxiety and stress levels are increasing. This was confirmed by the recent survey conducted by the Canadian Association of College & University Student Services in September 2016. The survey foundContinue reading “Young and Carefree is just a Myth”

How do we create a life we really want?

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a great summer. I had several ideas for my first post in September but when I stumbled on this quote by George Bernard Shaw it really struck me and I thought it was perfect for this week’s post. If  you read this quote and your immediate response isContinue reading “How do we create a life we really want?”

Nowhere to go, nothing to do!

It’s July, the best month ever! Not only is it my birth month, it’s also full-fledged summer! As the sun gets hotter, the bathing suits come out and the summer drinks start flowing I want to suggest a summer reframe. This summer I suggest that we reframe the definition of wealth from how much weContinue reading “Nowhere to go, nothing to do!”

Blimey Brexit is real!

As a former history student, I can appreciate the momentous event that happened on June 23rd.   The people have voted. Britain will leave the European Union (EU). It doesn’t matter if many weren’t clear on what they voted for or whether their motives were noble, either way it’s a done deal.  The British people haveContinue reading “Blimey Brexit is real!”

The Roz and Mocha Show- Inspired Wisdom, who knew!

  Last Thursday morning while driving to work I was listening to 92.5FM The Roz and Mocha Show.  They played a clip of an elderly woman’s reaction to wearing a virtual reality headset for the first time. The simulation was a roller coaster.  You could hear the clip of the woman screaming.  Mocha was besideContinue reading “The Roz and Mocha Show- Inspired Wisdom, who knew!”