Nothing In Life is for Free

It’s Saturday morning and I open up my email. Out of curiosity I click on “How to take a simple idea and make millions”. I am used to the sensational headlines, but I wanted to hear what new they had to say. I get on to the video and it begins. There is so muchContinue reading “Nothing In Life is for Free”

The most atheistic people in the world might just be on to something!

When I read that Sweden is shifting to a six hour work my initial comment was, “They did it again!” Sweden and its neighbours have been exemplary in pretty much every of aspect of society. The Nordic countries have high income equality, large tax-financed welfare programs, powerful unions, relatively low unemployment rates and an educationContinue reading “The most atheistic people in the world might just be on to something!”

What Value System Are You Instilling in Your Children?

We are constantly being seduced by materialism.  We are made to believe that our lives will get better and we will be happier the more things we acquire and consume. Our sense of self and place in society is determined by how much we can amass in our lifetime. A person is judged not byContinue reading “What Value System Are You Instilling in Your Children?”

Teachers are the Unsung Heroes of Today

If you have a precious resource wouldn’t take good care of it? Wouldn’t you ensure that those you entrust to take care of it are well paid and happy, so that they can do their job well? Our children are the most precious resource we have as parents and as a society. They are theContinue reading “Teachers are the Unsung Heroes of Today”

We all want Change but Where do we start?

As part of Projecting Change the image of Ma Kali in all her glory was projected onto the Empire State Building on August 1st 2015. The symbolism of this image was not lost. “In preparation for the birth of the Divine, the entire human race is now going through a global dark night, which willContinue reading “We all want Change but Where do we start?”

Changing Your Attitude is The First Step to Financial Success

Money is a highly emotionally charged topic. In today’s society, many attach their self-worth to their net worth and this is the crux of the majority of problems.  There are two intertwined attitudes about money that we have to address in working towards separating self-worth and net worth.  The first is that it is tabooContinue reading “Changing Your Attitude is The First Step to Financial Success”

The battle of the Eagle and the Dragon, how to avoid getting caught in the crossfire

When politics and economics meet we get a reality show like no other, and if you think it has nothing to do with you think again. What are the main ingredients in all reality shows? Some of the main ingredients are drama, power play and the formations of cliques. Usually the participants all have aContinue reading “The battle of the Eagle and the Dragon, how to avoid getting caught in the crossfire”

You might be more powerful than you think

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine, Neil Bobb owner of Primus Risk Management Inc., and he told me about a conversation he had with his young daughter. He was trying to show her the merits of going into business. He started off by telling her that if she could getContinue reading “You might be more powerful than you think”

Is it ever okay to be manipulated?

As a financial educator and consultant, I have three main objectives. First, I have to work with my clients to determine what they deem to a financial success.  This could mean having a certain amount of savings or assets or having a certain lifestyle.  Financial success is very subjective. It means different things to differentContinue reading “Is it ever okay to be manipulated?”

Do we only see what we want to see?

When you have been fed the story that you live in the land of opportunity and plenty and you believe it, you may not able to see what is really around you. For instance, Americans believe that they live in the greatest nation on earth but the reality suggests something different: Wages earned in 2011Continue reading “Do we only see what we want to see?”