This is a piece I did for The Center for Parenting Education. There are useful tips for parents with young children. It is well documented that children’s early environment and relationships are essential in setting the stage for their development later in life. This core developmental stage occurs between birth and age seven. It isContinue reading “MAKING MINI MONEY MANAGER$”

For Better or Worse It Is Here to Stay

Technology has one function and that is to do every day normal things faster and easier. It did not invent communication it only facilitates it faster. It did not invent entertainment it just allows us greater variety and more access.  Technology is growing leaps and bounds. It’s serving both to simultaneously connect us as wellContinue reading “For Better or Worse It Is Here to Stay”

Have you heard of robo-advisors?

Technology is changing every industry. It continues to redefine how we live our daily lives. It has changed the way we consume entertainment, how we shop, how we travel and now how we manage our money.  Robo-advisors are the most recent addition to the changing landscape of the world we once knew. They are poisedContinue reading “Have you heard of robo-advisors?”

The Mascot of the Day

Donald Trump is the mascot for xenophobes who feel threatened by immigration and social change and who have been economically marginalized. This white working class blame immigration, social change and a black president for all their economic woes.  Growing inequality, higher unemployment and financial insecurity has led this group of Americans to support this boisterousContinue reading “The Mascot of the Day”

To be or Not to be… in the Now

What if being in the moment or in the now is the worst thing we can do. Not to contradict Eckhart Tolle, but can being in the now do more harm than good? Let’s examine what most people think living in the now means. Generally speaking, many of us take living in the moment toContinue reading “To be or Not to be… in the Now”

The resilience of a lie

There are everyday lies we as a society live with. We are lied to by our friends, family and society at least once a day! A lie is defined as a statement that is false, misleading or inaccurate. Each of us wears many hats. We are parents, friends, business owners, accountants, chefs’ etc. In eachContinue reading “The resilience of a lie”

Why are we so busy?

In the pursuit of happiness, it’s mostly work and little play. Many of us wish it could be different. We know fully well that we don’t spend enough time with our families or doing the things we really want to do. The truth is that if we want to function in this world we needContinue reading “Why are we so busy?”