The Purple Campaign

2018 Flyer PC

June 15th is designated conscious consumer day. On this day we ask you to wear purple as a reminder to be financially mindful. All too often people spend for the wrong reasons. These are so many cultural standards that we try to meet and in the process create debt for ourselves.  Never stopping for a moment to question, why?  Do I really need to prove to my neighbors, colleagues, friends and or family that I am worthy because I can buy designer brands.  Will spending that extra $90,000 to get the luxury car really make you happy when it puts you further into debt? Is keeping up appearances more important than common sense and logic?

If you can afford to buy whatever you want and not left in crippling debt, by all means go right ahead. However, you really have to think long and hard when you try to portray a lifestyle that you can’t afford.  You may get the temporary pleasure of proving to the world that you are worthy, but in reality not only do you feel like a fraud in the process, but you are actually hurting yourself mentally and financially.  Sand castles don’t last.

On the surface finance might seem like a simple case of numbers, in reality the numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. It is what lurks below that drives you more than you’re willing to examine or even admit.  Why do you feel you need to have things that will invariably cause a financial strain on you and your family?  Debt is not pleasant and it can be avoided, but it will require some exploration between what you think you need and what you really need. This will be the hardest part of the process because when you start down that rabbit hole you’ll soon realize that there are many more twists and turns that you really never could have anticipated. It will be a bumpy ride, but financial peace of mind awaits you on the other side.

Let June 15th, be the day that you start taking real control of your spending, don’t be a puppet of society, marketers and values that are not true to you.

Be sure to wear purple and practice financial mindfulness on June 15th and share your photos on social media.




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