The difficult D word!


We live in a fast pace world and we are constantly looking for quick, easy and convenient.  Enter all our apps and fast food, which meet all these requirements. The road to success, however, is usually never quick, easy or convenient.  If it were, we would have more healthy, fit and financially free people.

There are two words that bring a lot of discomfort to people, these words are delayed gratification. This means giving up something now so that you can enjoy more of it or something better later.  No one is saying you can never have sweets, or buy yourself luxury items, but you must first be in a position where you can truly enjoy it.  Giving up sugar today will help you be healthier tomorrow and an occasional treat will not jeopardize your health. Similarly curbing your spending now, will increase your bank account and you will be able to treat yourself later on without worrying about getting into debt or having to make high interest payments.

Success requires the cultivation of this skill.  Evidence has shown that people who have this skill are more successful in all areas of life. So how can you develop this skill? Here are some suggestions to build your delayed gratification muscles:

  • Start small. The first thing is to start small. For instance, skip your afternoon coffee and wait until the next morning to have coffee. Don’t buy that packet of gum or that magazine today, wait a few days.
  • Keep a picture or a note or some other reminder of your goal. Whether it is health or wealth related, keep it top of mind. You will be more likely to hold out when you have your goal top of mind.
  • Avoid temptations. Don’t drive by the bakery, don’t browse Amazon, and don’t watch the shopping channel.
  • Visualize yourself achieving your goal and try to embody the feeling you would have when you achieve it. Our minds can’t tell reality from fantasy, so if you really embody that sensation of the goal achieved, we start to take the actions that support the achievement of the goal.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think or how it’s working out for you is.



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