Wine with A Purpose Inaugural Event

1When women have wine with a purpose and come together to support each other a kind of alchemy occurs.  The sharing becomes natural and flows effortlessly. This is what happened on March 3rd at the inaugural Wine with a Purpose event.  I had the pleasure of spending and evening with some very diverse and beautiful women.  We came from different backgrounds and had different life experiences, but were able to understand each other in a very authentic and unspoken manner. We all talked about  the issues that face us and as diverse as they may have been, we call could empathize with each other. During the course of the evening we sometimes veered off from financial issues. There was a lot of talk about shoes and cars, but we kept circling back to the central theme of the evening which was the disentanglement of self worth and net worth. The more we talked, we realized that this insidious concept haunts a lot of us and for some it is deeply ingrained.  If this inaugural session is an indication of things to come I would say were are in for some deep exploration and intense sharing, which will get us closer to freeing ourselves from the burden of this concept. The evening ended with a mission. The first part of the mission is acceptance. Accept where and how you are now. The second part of the mission is that moving forward we start asking: Why do we want the things we want? Where are we in a rush to get to? Be warned that when we take a moment to question our motives we may start to uncover more than we bargain for!

I am looking forward to our next session. Register at  to have the details sent straight to your inbox.




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