Want Peace? Take off Your Glasses!


It is hard to tell whether Donald Trump is seeking America’s self-interest or his own.  In a perfect world self-interest is a thing of beauty.  For instance, when buyers and sellers meet each wants to get the best price for themselves. The buyer wants the lowest price and the seller wants the highest price. Buyers and sellers would haggle until they agree on a price that they are both satisfied with, but this is in theory. In reality the seller uses strong arm tactics and “alternative facts” to force the buyer into purchasing the item at a much higher price. The seller is happy and the buyer is left feeling unsure of what happened. In their hearts they know that they paid too much, but they were put in a position where they had no choice. In the real world self-interest is corrupted by bullies and tyrants who don’t deal fairly. It is sullied by those who believe their view of the world is the correct one and force others to conform.

A political system is as good or bad as the people who comprise them. When people are fearful of the future they will look to anyone who can promise them hope. It is believed that something different and new will mean something better. We see day by day that this is not the case. When we have a leader that does not see the beauty in humanity, but only sees the world from his conditioned psychology, we have to expect that making American great again is for a selected few and not for the masses.  Everyone is seeing the world only from their perspective. Those who support Donald Trump see the world through green glasses. Those who are against him and everything he stands for see the world through purple glasses. For someone who sees through green glasses, they will never the see things as purple. The only way that both sides can understand each other is to take off their glasses.  Each one thinks they are right, but the reality, maybe something completely different.

As for me, I know I’m wearing purple glasses. I am trying to take them off and it’s not easy, because I really don’t want to since I am convinced that my view is the right one.   I however, don’t have that luxury. I must take the initiative.  As a parent, I have learned that it is imperative to take off my glasses and put on those of my children. It’s the only way to understand how they see the world. It’s the only way to really understand their point of view.  We can have no peace in families, in communities, in countries and in the world if we believe that our view is the only right view and there is only one way to live.

So what are we to do? We have to take off our glasses.  My first step in doing so is to keep an open mind about what’s happening.  I am (desperately) looking for the silver lining.   I want to shift the way I currently think about and process what’s happening around me. I’m committed to trying to understand rather than criticize because I feel that it is important to my sanity and perhaps I can finally get some peace.

Hands on a globe --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

How willing are you to take off your glasses?





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