Use your dollar to change the world


Why are we constantly trying to acquire more and more things? Who told us that we need to do this? Many of us are consumed by the need to have more of everything money, real estate, status and power. We spend the prime years of our lives pursuing these goals. Some do it because they need to prove themselves to the world. Some do it because they feel they need to fit into an image that has been fed to them.  Sometimes we believe that we had the idea when in fact it was so stealthily planted that we believed it originated with us.  On a national level every country is striving for economic growth and the improvement of the quality of life for its people. Technology is growing leaps and bounds and we are heralding a new era in every facet of life. From communication to medicine, progress has been at warp speed.

The question remains, though how much of this progress is actually reaching the people who really need it. We live in a world where the wealthy spend US$2 million on a golden bath tub (Mike Tyson’s gift) while others live on less than  US$1.90 per  day (10.7% of the world’s population live on less than US$1.90 a day (World Bank 2016)).

How can we make an impact on this inequality and inequity? The answer lies in asking the question what is the purpose of all this? The obvious answer is of course financial security as a practical matter of life. But we all know that in the developed world the drive is not for mere survival. It goes beyond meeting basic needs and wants. When we can give an authentic answer to why it is we keep striving for more and more then we will begin to solve the problem. It will set off a spark. A spark that will mark the beginning of the end of this massive disparity, a little spark if fed can incinerate inequality and inequity that have plagued us for so long.

We can only have a more balanced system and a just distribution of all resources if we STOP dancing to someone else’s music. What do I mean?  I mean stop making the 1% richer by purchasing their products and supporting their franchises.  The majority of what we consume is owned by the 1% and they don’t want that to change. Our food is genetically modified, the news is propaganda and we are fed ideas and notions that serve the interest of only a few.  Not to be corny, but really, we have to unplug from the matrix. When need to take the red pill and start making different choices –our own choices.


The directive to do this will NOT come from the top. Political candidates regardless of who they are (buffoon or polished politician) will always have a bias. Real change can only come from the people. Those we elect are there to steer the ship. We are the ones who need to instruct them on how to do it and we can.  They will listen to us when we speak to them in a language they understand-MONEY. We have to do it with our everyday choices. Each dollar you spend, make it count. Make sure that you support companies and products that help in alleviating the problem and don’t support the ones that just perpetuate the status quo.  All our combined purchasing power can cause change.  It can result in both faster and more drastic change than copious amounts of discussion or protest can ever bring about.  Being conscious of how and why you spend will not only benefit you and your bank account, it will also benefit society at large. We have the power to cause change and we walk around every day with it in our back pocket, purse and on our phone. How we choose to spend our dollars determines the kind of world we live in.


Join the discussion, take up the challenge.


Dr. M






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