Nowhere to go, nothing to do!


It’s July, the best month ever! Not only is it my birth month, it’s also full-fledged summer! As the sun gets hotter, the bathing suits come out and the summer drinks start flowing I want to suggest a summer reframe. This summer I suggest that we reframe the definition of wealth from how much we have to how little we really need to be happy.What does it truly take to make us happy? The only thing we really have control over is what we decide to pay attention to. And what we pay attention to can either make us happy or make us sad. We have total control in this regard. We may not have control of how humid it gets, but we can focus less on the humidity and more on enjoying your icy drink or splashing in the pool.  A simple shift in perception can make a very big difference in our level of enjoyment.


I am really talking to myself here more than you. There are some things I can reframe and others that I sometimes have a hard time with. Like many of you I can be stubborn and refuse to shift my perception, even though I know it can change my experience. Case in point is I hate to be kept waiting and I know it is possible to simply accept it because what else can you do at that point.  It usually works out fine, but  I have a hard time finding the silver lining in the moment. I still get annoyed even when I know I have control of how I can respond to the situation and that diminishes my wealth quota for the day. I am working on this and it’s getting better.  I expect that someday soon I will be totally chilled when someone keeps me waiting (fingers crossed).

I hope you join me over the next couple of months to work on reframing what it takes to make you happy. It doesn’t cost a thing and it requires minimal effort. In each moment over this summer, let’s try making whatever situation we are in a good one. Be selfish and try to find ways to make yourself happy or feel better in any situation you may find yourself in. So if those mosquitoes really do a number on you, try to look for the upside side. You can use it as the reason why you need to lie down and put your feet up while someone else does the dishes! You have to admit that’s a pretty sweet reframe!  Life is truly what we make it. When we can train ourselves to make each moment a good one we will end up with a bunch of wonderful moments and that to me makes a wonderful life.

This is the last post until September.  It is family time and my girls need my full attention since they refused to go to camp and made a very convincing case for taking the summer off and doing nothing. By nothing they mean nothing is planned. No schedules, no activities, no play dates or events.  They just want an easy breezy lazy summer.  They will still be going to piano classes, but that is as strenuous as it gets.

Have a great summer everyone. See you in September!


Dr. M

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4 thoughts on “Nowhere to go, nothing to do!

  1. I have to worker harder on reframing how I think. I fail 90% of the time knowing that I can’t change a thing about whatever the situation is, but I still try and hence I become miserable.

    1. The trick is to make whatever situation you’re in work for you. It’s not always easy but it’s worth the effort. Also sometimes we have to simply accept things as they are and make peace with that. I know these are easier said than done but with practice and patience I believe it is possible to reframe most things. We all have to get skilled at making lemonade.

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