The Roz and Mocha Show- Inspired Wisdom, who knew!


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Last Thursday morning while driving to work I was listening to 92.5FM The Roz and Mocha Show.  They played a clip of an elderly woman’s reaction to wearing a virtual reality headset for the first time. The simulation was a roller coaster.  You could hear the clip of the woman screaming.  Mocha was beside himself with laughter, while Roz was a little more sympathetic. It was funny, sad and very profound! I naturally searched for the clip and found it.  You can see it yourself, I put the link below.

Now, it was funny because she was perfectly safe and her reaction to the virtual experience was so intense it was priceless. At the same time it was quite sad because this poor woman was obviously scared senseless and her family were all having a laugh at her expense.  It’s a bit cruel, even. Listening to this and oscillating between laughter and outrage I found this profound.  Yes, I had all three reactions!

It was profound because it highlights a universal truth. Our world, our reality is really created in our head. Our bodies react to what we are experiencing and feeling in our head. You know there is a saying we are what we eat. Well, I think we are what we feel!  This woman was sitting on a chair with her family around her and she was fully swept into this virtual world. So much so that it really became her reality and the fear made her pass out. Her intense feeling of fear overrode everything else.

Back in the day when the movie and the book, The Secret, was popular everyone was going around thinking rich and happy thoughts with the aim of becoming rich and happy. Most soon realize that it didn’t work. The reason that it didn’t work was because even though they were thinking rich and happy thoughts they weren’t feeling rich and happy. They were feeling lack and sadness and covering up with those rich and happy thoughts.


The underlying belief translates itself into an emotion and we manifest the result. The old woman believed that she was in a scary roller coaster ride and she felt fear and it manifested by her passing out. Everyone who was looking on knew that it was not real and deep down inside she knows that too, but yet she got sucked in. Sounds familiar?

All of this was going through my mind while listening to this clip. Then Roz made an even more profound statement, “nobody ever thinks of taking off the goggles, they all get sucked into this reality.”   I think I am quoting him correctly. We all have a choice we can take off our goggles, but we don’t. We instead get sucked in by this “reality”. We believe that what is happening to us is so real and we respond accordingly. We all laugh at the woman, but don’t realize we are doing the same thing, this reality has sucked us in and we have no clue. We laugh at her, but she represents our society, where most of us can’t tell reality from fiction.  We all have our goggles on and many believe there is an enemy and a tragedy get just around the corner. Then they are shocked and outrage when these same events manifest themselves.

Even if we don’t take off the goggles and maybe we don’t know how to take them off, but know that we are wearing them, then our perception and experience on a day to day level can change. I know that my goggles are still on and I am keen on finding a way to get them off. In the meantime, however, just the knowledge of the existence of the goggles allows me to see things from a slightly different perspective from someone who is not aware that they have their goggles on.  I know that a lot can change if we all individually realize that we have on goggles.  It would be kinder, happier, more just place because we would all realize that it’s just a game, a projection. With that knowledge we would certainly get less worked up about colour, race, ideology, religion and most of all MONEY!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Drop me a line and let me know what you think.




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