Are you doing it right?


Life does not come with a manual, but being very resourceful we humans have managed to make quite a few manual for ourselves.  Religious texts, social customs, economic, civil and legal system are just a few of the manuals we have made over the years which dictate to us how to live. These man made manuals sometimes work well, but for the most part there are always winners and losers. They also lose their meaning when transported to a different country or even a different state because they are judged by different standards. If something is indeed true or is a fundamental truth, then it would be the same for all, not just some. The fact that these manuals break down when they leave their place of origin is evidence of their fallacy.  Anything that is true will always be true regardless of place or time.  It doesn’t matter what your belief system is, what your customs are or what your legal systems says, if you jump off a tall building, you will die!  The physical laws are the only fundamental truth we know (even this is debatable but will accept it for now). Everything else is, well, made up.

Society needs rules and regulations to be able to function smoothly and effectively. I am reminded of this every day when I drive. I am grateful for these rules because without them there would be chaos. Especially when you live in a multicultural society and drivers are from different parts of the world. I embrace the rules and regulations that serve the greater good the ones that are practical and necessary for society to function.

I do squirm a little at those “rules” that we as a society allow politicians, religious leaders, bankers, marketers and celebrities to make up for us.  We seem to have a compulsion to make sure we are living right and doing the right thing. The proof can easily be seen in the self-help industry. It is a $10 billion dollar industry and every day there is a new book on how to live better, eat better, earn more, do less and earn more, be happy or find inner peace.  We are all in this together, whether we make up our own rules or whether we follow the masses and try to fit in, we all simply want to be happy with the life we have in whatever form that may take.

My new children’s book captures the essence of today’s society from this perspective. It is entitled The Simpletons of Krafanof. It is a story about some pretty clueless animals (similar to us). In this faraway, land things are pretty confusing.  Many believe that they are something they are not, while others blindly follow tradition without questioning whether it makes sense or not. There are those who outright lie and cheat and others pretend not to notice. This is a story about finding out who you really are and in the process helping those around you to discover their true nature as well. This book has something for everyone. The kids will enjoy the strange antics of the animals while their parents can read between the lines and see patterns that are all too familiar.

The book will be out in the summer. You can pre-order your copy at


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