The Mascot of the Day


Donald Trump is the mascot for xenophobes who feel threatened by immigration and social change and who have been economically marginalized. This white working class blame immigration, social change and a black president for all their economic woes.  Growing inequality, higher unemployment and financial insecurity has led this group of Americans to support this boisterous tyrant.

Just to be clear Donald Trump didn’t cause this problem. He is just exploiting it to his own benefit. Many have called him a buffoon. But alas, he is far from that. He has managed to usurp the rage and frustration of a whole segment in society and become their voice. He says what they are thinking and they love it!  Past administration and their economic and social policies have made it possible for Donald Trump to be where he is today. If anyone is responsible for this fiasco, it is them!

This anger and hatred didn’t just pop up overnight.  This group feel betrayed by the political systems that seems to keep benefiting the rich and keeps making  the poor even poorer. It was years in the making and Trump like any good businessman knows how to manipulate a situation to his advantage. Those who supported him always felt this way they just never had an avenue to voice this publicly, until now.  In a poll done last October by NBC News, it was found that 71 per cent think the “American dream” — work hard, get ahead — used to exist but has vanished.


A house divided cannot stand. What is happening in America is systemic. It is beyond just a group of disgruntled people looking for change. It is a deep rooted frustration of people who feel that they have become irrelevant. They feel abused and betrayed by past administrations, the feel unseen and unheard. Last fall the American Values Survey, found that: 74% of Trump supporters nationally, believe discrimination against whites is as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities. Trump is listening to them and he is speaking for them. He is making them feel like they matter again.

It is only human nature to react the way they are. It is natural to expect them to lash out at everything and everyone.  The most important question now is how do we reach them  and bring them back from the abyss. It doesn’t matter who promises more jobs, more access to education, and more social programs. The problem is that regardless of what the other candidates say and promise to do, they are simply not listening.  They don’t trust the system as it stands and Trump offers something different.  Trump is to them, what Bin Laden was to al-Qaeda, their leader, their voice.

It is really sad to see all this unfold. So much social progress has been made in the last hundred years.  If we are to believe that Trump actually means what he says, it seems he is poised to take America back several decades into the past should he become president.  It is really hard for me to believe that in 2016 that he has the audacity to say the things he says. Sometimes I think it’s all just a ploy, he can’t seriously mean three quarters of the things he says. Can he?


There are a lot of egos at play here and the biggest and loudest is Trump’s.  It is interesting that his name is Trump. The word trump means, “any playing card of a suit that for the time outranks the other suits, such a card being able to take any card of another suit.” Another meaning is, “a key resource to be used at an opportune moment.”

At the moment Trump is literally living up to his name and is at least for now, outranking the other candidates when it comes to support.  Like in the game of Bourré, Trump can take the whole pot if he wins the most tricks, which he seems to be doing.

Perhaps  Trump is just the thing the political landscape in America needs at this time.  It is time for a change. Both parties need to get their head in the game and really work towards reform and ensuring that they can be trusted to do what they say they will.  Today is another decision day in U.S politics. It’s time for  Americans to pull a “trump” of their own, and give their support to someone who is not a power hungry bully.



Dr. M


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