Bring on the holidays with a little What If…


The holiday season is filled with lots of merriment with family and friends. We all eat too much and spend too much over the holidays. It is that time of year where we just enjoy the moment and not worry about the consequences. We all celebrate the holidays differently. Regardless of how you celebrate, whether it is one that is filled with material goodies and grand fanfare or one that are more focused on creating special memories and experiences without all the fanfare, either way I want to ask you to just ponder an idea for a moment.

The joy you get from either the material things or the experience is really emanating from you and does not come from those external objects. If the joy came from the external objects, then everyone would get joy out of the same external objects. This is not the case. I may not find joy from the objects you love or I may not be happy doing the things you like to do. So joy or happiness subjectively depends on the person, on you.


The objects or experiences are the catalyst for letting the joy flow from inside. Imagine that warm fuzzy Christmassy feeling sticking around for good. Imagine you can feel this way and have this mood everyday 24/7 all year, every year, regardless of what is happening around you. I think that would be pretty awesome. It would be great to find a way to access that place without needing anything external to act as a catalyst.

Can you imagine what life would be like if you could get the feelings you are chasing, to emanate from inside you. We seek money for security because the future is uncertain, we seek a partner and relationships because we are lonely, and we seek to do good because we question our self-worth. What if you could get all those feelings without striving to get it? Imagine you could feel secure, loved and worthy without having to struggle to attain it.

The pleasure of eating a decadent meal, the thrill of driving a Lamborghini on an open highway, the pride of owning a fleet of vintage cars, what would it mean if you could get all those feelings internally. What if all those feelings are already there waiting for you? We seem to have found only a temporary access to this place through these external objects or experiences.  This explains why we always have to up the ante to keep accessing those feelings, the accumulation of more and more things and more and more experiences.

What if every desired feeling you want to have, you already have access to it, but you just don’t realize it, it’s like looking for your glasses while wearing them. What if you have been looking in all the wrong places and into all the wrong things? I hope you take a moment to ponder on this. I hope that you get closer to realizing that in reality, you want for nothing because you already have it all. My wish for you this season is that you get closer to the true source of all your joy.


Thank you to all my readers for your support over the last year. This is the last post for 2015, looking forward to connecting again in the New Year.
Happy Holidays


Dr. M



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