Chill out for it to work out!

In economics there is the concept of diminishing marginal utility. This means that the satisfaction we derive from the consumption of the first unit of a good or service is the highest but it declines and continues to decline thereafter. For example, the first bite of a piece of decadent chocolate is miraculous, the second bite is great, but by the 20th bite you’re like “eh”.

We are inundated with information from all over the internet non-stop. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. Each post and article seem to have the answers we are looking for, lose 10 lbs in two weeks, how to get out of debt, the top 4 reason why women need to know about finance.  After a while it gets to be too much or we become desensitized to the problem or issues. We all succumb to this law of diminishing returns. It’s like when we go shopping for perfume. After you smell a couple of scents, your nose loses its ability to distinguish between the scents. You need a whiff of coffee to clear the nose so that you can take in and appreciate other scents.

Quotes About Life distance

Today is your whiff of coffee. Take a break from whatever it is you want to achieve. If you have been working steadily towards your goal thus far, then you can afford to rest. If you have been struggling, let it go and take a break. Gather yourself, take a breath and come back. Taking a break allows your brain to marinate the issue.  Creativity theorist calls this “incubation” it refreshes the mind and allows a solution to arise on its own.


Some suggestions for incubation:

  • Unplug for a couple of hours, for a day, for the weekend. If you can, unplug for the weekend, if you can’t start with an hour a day.
  • Do something that you don’t usually do, take the afternoon off. Take a walk in nature. Go for a swim.
  • Get good quality sleep it improves your: memory, creativity, immune system and it reduces stress.


Take a break and let it all digest. See you next week.

Dr. M


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