Money Should Never Triumph Accountability and Responsibility


I talk a lot about money and I usually choose to see the positive side of things. I am in the “half full glass” camp. Money, I have said time and time again is imperative to our existence based on how our society is currently structured.  I believe that there can be a better way, how and in what manner I can’t say at this point. I am not sure  whether or not I will see a new way of living and that does not involve money  in my lifetime, but I do, believe it will evolve at some point, if only because we can’t continue on this path that is both destructive and imbalanced.

The recent fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s demonstrated the unpleasant role of money in our society. There was never a clearer example of a case where money talks! The promoters and sponsors did a phenomenal job of causing a frenzy over this match that it blinded (temporarily anyway) people to this man’s history of violence against women. Indeed, it’s a slippery slope he is after all a boxer and makes his money from pounding his fist into his opponent, talk about taking home your work. Yet still fans, sponsors and celebrities somehow put their morals on pause. I am not sure this is a good example of living in the now.   The financial implications of boycotting this fight would have been too much to bear by everyone involved.  The truth is  I had no idea who he was until I heard all the hoopla about the match on social media. Then I heard about his history (on CNN and Cosmopolitan!).

Many are baffled by the temporary amnesia of the masses. Everyone was asking the question why are people coming out in droves and turning a blind eye to Mayweather’s abusive nature. Even social media was not able to drum up enough talk about this issue. Somehow it got glossed over and instead the hype was focused on the match. I am not sure why people choose to turn a blind eye. Have we become so desensitized?  Less noteworthy issues have gone viral and have stirred heated debate. The blue and gold dress was a phenomenon. The feminist print on a shirt caused a stir. Maria Kang the fitness-obsessed mom was banned from Facebook after she posted a picture of herself with her three kids and the caption “what’s your excuse?” People get so indignant and worked up over these issues, but yet still they rush to pay $100 and more depending on where you were to see the fight. Everyone came out, including celebrities to see a man who has a long history of domestic violence against women and no one raised a voice of concern.

There was a lot of money to be made by everyone involved in this fight, the organizers, the sponsors, the bookies and the fans that placed their bets. The odds were in Mayweather’s favour, he remains unbeaten in 48 career bouts. Mayweather earned more in one night than some companies do in a year.  He made more money in one night than the Cheese Cake Factory and Buffalo Wild Wings made in one year of earnings. Was it that there was too much money at stake to allow any deterrence to the match?  Is that why all voices of dissent were downplayed or ignored?  When money dictates our humanity or it overrides common sense and compassion, then we have to really question the power it has over us. It also makes us understand that if this type of manipulation can be done at this stage, what else is being done at other levels that we are blind to?


Last week I talked about how conditioned we are by stereotypes, are we all just blind to the truth? I don’t mean to go all X-files on you, but this reaction or lack of reaction to this fighter makes me wonder where our morality starts and where money begins. Does money trump decency, morality and accountability?

These are some of the questions we have to ask ourselves and open our eyes to what is really before us. Why are we so complacent, have we been so desensitized to the point of not caring or are we just more selective when we have a financial stake. In this case it seems that it is indeed a man’s world and the boys are out to play and when the stakes are high, money overshadows everything else.

I am not a boxing aficionado, I have done a little boxing myself and as a sport boxing is phenomenal. It’s an amazing cardio work and it’s a safe way to get out pent up aggression, but when you step out of the ring you put the gloves down and leave them there. There is no excuse for violence against women. What a strange world we live in, this weekend we celebrated Mother’s day, and a couple of weekends ago people were happily cheering for someone who has been abusive to women. These things make me stop and think about the society we live in and the role that each individual has to play.  Are we just puppets of money that wherever it goes, we follow and whatever it says is “hot” right now we support? Are we too busy trying to make money that we forgot who we are and what we stand for?

If you had all the money in the world, would it change your morals? I am not sure we can really answer this question, because we simply won’t know until we get there, but it is a question that we must ask ourselves if only to remind us of how we really are.


Dr. M

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